Giving Change A Chance

It's the beginning of the New Year which means lots of New Year Resolutions.

"I want to lose weight."

"I want to save more and get my finances in order."

"I want to go on a great vacation."

"I want to find true love."

"I want to go for finally becoming a(fill in the blank)."

"I want to improve my relationship with(again, fill in the blank)."

"I want to be less stressed."

Do any of these sound familiar?

If they do, that is because year after year, many people write some, if not all, of these things down on a piece of paper and once the First of January rolls around, we take this piece of paper and make a declaration to ourselves that we will do whatever it takes to reach these goals.

And we ride that wave until, well, January 2nd.

But why is it, that so many of us (myself included), get side tracked so quickly and easily after making our resolutions, that we break them within days and even hours of making them?

The concept and general idea behind a New Year's Resolution is to reach a goal or at least put some type of effort toward reaching said goal at the First day of the year. But what I find that so many of us tend to do is write down our resolutions, stuff them in a notebook or drawer and never look at them again until...well, December 31st.

A few days before New Year's Eve I sat down with a pen and paper, as I usually do, and wrote out my New Year's Resolution. After I finished, I took another moment to look at my resolution from last year, that, I too, stuck in my journal and didn't look at the thing again. And what I found was that maybe half of what was on my resolution from last year was some of the same exact things I put on my resolution for this year. Other things I had on there either didn't apply to my life anymore or I had, without knowing it- achieved.

And then I thought to myself, if I could make some of these resolutions a reality without even knowing it, what was preventing me from accomplishing all of my goals? In other words, what is stopping us from achieving our goals.

And the simple answer to this question is two six letter words that we all seem to overlook and leave out when we make our resolutions- Change and Action.

According to to change means to become different; to pass gradually into; a transformation,modification or alteration. The definition of an action is to start doing something.

So let's look at this a little bit more. If you don't like what you are wearing you change your clothes. If you don't like the route you take to work everyday, you look for a new, shorter way right? Every night before you go to bed you change into your pajamas. If you don't like what you ordered at a restaurant, you, sometimes hesitantly, change your order.

All of these actions, are simple and take a matter of minutes. And yet, when you think about those examples above and then compare them to taking action and making a change for your resolutions, it makes you wonder, what exactly is the difference?

If you can do all of those things without thinking about it too hard, what's stopping you from working out a couple of times a week? What's stopping you from choosing to eat a bit healthier and not indulge in too much fatty foods? What's stopping you from going back to school? What's stopping you from standing up on your own two feet? What's stopping you from being more confident about yourself? What's stopping you from saving your money, little by little? What's stopping you from achieving your goals?

I encourage you all, to take some time and look at your resolutions or just your goals. I want you to make the decision to take action and make a change. You'd be surprised at what a little effort, some work, and determination will get you.

Let's do this y'all!

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