Music Mania

The end of the year is rapidly coming to a close and I thought I'd do one last music post on my favorite artists of the year.

1. Lady Gaga- Lady Gaga has been a favorite of mine ever since she first came out with "Just Dance". She is unlike any other artist out there right now which I think is great. The fact that she embraces her eccentricity and works it is wonderful and her songs are so catchy!

Favorite Songs this year: Bad Romance, Telephone, Alejandro

2. Taylor Swift- At first, I will be honest, I wasn't all that interested in Taylor Swift, even after the Kanye moment at the VMA's. Either way, I started to listen to some of her songs and really liked them. And I like her feminine girly style as well.

Favorite Songs this year: Fifteen,Back to December, White Horse

3. Katy Perry- I LOVE Katy Perry. I can sit and listen to her and Lady Gaga all day! Her style is quirky but cute, and her songs are incredibly catchy.

Favorite songs of the year: California Girls, Teenage Dream, Firework

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