Christmas Time is Here!!!

Christmas time is definitely here and I am so excited to be home this year to enjoy all the festivities that go along with it!

This is my first time in four years that I'm home to really enjoy it all!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and there are so many things I love about the holiday I figured I'd make a list:

1. Non stop Christmas Music on 106.7 Lite fm. They play so much music non stop from the day after Thanksgiving until New Year's Day!
2.25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family- OK, I am such a little kid at heart that I will program the reminder in my phone to watch "25 Days" everyday. They run the best Christmas movies every night from Dec. 1st until Dec. 26th!
3. Holiday specials and movies- Shrek the Halls, The Santa Clause, The Polar Express How the Grinch stole Christmas, Christmas in Rockefeller Center... need I go on? I love them all.
4.The Victoria Secret Fashion Show- This for me is like the Super Bowl. I love this fashion show and look forward to it every single year.
5. Patti Labelle Christmas, Christina Aguilera's Christmas and of course Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas- I play these Christmas CDs at least 5 times each year.
6.Charlie Brown Christmas- this is my all time favorite Christmas Special! I watch it every year over and over again! It wouldn't be Christmas without it.
7.Christmas Eve- Christmas Eve at my house is just as big as Christmas in it self because we really know how to get down! Food, Family, Friends, Music, Games, and lots of FUN!
8.Black Friday and Christmas Shopping-Some of the greatest memories I have as a kid is spending my Saturdays before Christmas going Christmas shopping with my family. I mean we used to wake up early and go all over and spend the entire day in the mall looking for presents for the family.
9.Getting the Christmas tree and decorating it- I remember staying up until bed time helping decorate the Christmas tree and it was a treat too because we usually got to stay up later than our bed time that one time :-). And ever since I was little we ALWAYS get a real tree, so every morning I get the fresh smell of pine during Christmas time
10. And finally, it wouldn't be Christmas without...THE SNOW! When I was little, me and my sister and brother used to go outside and make snow angels. After we froze our butts off we got to come inside and make hot chocolate and warm up!

Those are some of my favorite things about Christmas. What are some of yours?

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