Movie Review

Last Week I got a chance to see the "The Social Network" and to my surprise it was actually really good. It was definitely a conversation starter and interesting to see how Facebook got started. It was a cool way to do a movie, especially knowing all the different directions this movie could have been made. But it was far from boring and actually really well put together.

It actually made me not want to use my Facebook for a little while afterward, haha!
It's really interesting though, to see how much Social Media has really shaped our generation, the younger generation and even older generations! It's sweeping the country! What are your thoughts on that? Businesses, celebrities, and people alike all are using Facebook and Twitter as a way to "connect" and promote with regular people. But how effective is it? And also, how safe is it? Think of all the controversies and issues that have been arising- cyber bullying, identity theft, robberies, not to mention more spam.

As Social Media continues to evolve and expand do you see it contributing something worthwhile?

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