Book Review!!!

Last Week I checked out Nicole Richie's new novel Priceless and it was SO GOOD!

I love Nicole Richie, I've been a fan of hers and her courageousness to put it all out there and experience life and go through her lows and come out on top and through them. She has really made a name for herself with her accessories and clothing lines, and her book writing and other ventures.

I love her style and eccentricity and I think above all she does what she can, and makes it work for her and her family (Her two kids are ADORABLE!!!)

Now, as far as the book, it is a lot different from her first novel, "The Truth about Diamonds", which I also read a few years back. This one is about a riches to rags story, of a girl named Charlotte who has everything stripped away from her and is forced to make it work for herself, on her own. It was definitely refreshing to read and see a protagonist who overcomes her problems and finds herself and place in this world, which was great to read and see. The book has everything, it's funny, there's romance in there, there's a good message, and there's even a crazy stalker/mad man!

Go check it out!

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