Eat, Pray, Love

Last week I got a chance to see the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" with Julia Roberts.

And while I won't spoil the movie for you (because you really should go see it, it's very good), I will say that I left feeling above all else- inspired.

Whether you read the book or see the movie or both, the main message is simple: Enjoy life. Live for yourself. Learn to love you. Know who you are.

Like I said, it sounds simple enough, but how many of us really can say that we enjoy life, live for ourselves, love ourselves and know who we are.

Very few.

I think that when it comes to those three simple words- eat, pray, love- we think we know what it means and how to do it, but in reality, we don't.

What is important is that we learn how to master these three simple things and I think you will find that enjoying life, living for yourself, loving yourself and knowing who you are will come with ease, without any hesitation and without any thought.

Learn to eat what you want, when you want without guilt. Learn to pray as if no one is watching, carefree and one on one with God. And learn to love, as if your life depended on it. Fearless and freely, taking it in along the way.

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