An Open Letter to my Ladies

It's Women's History Month and I thought a great way to kick it off is to write an open letter to the women in my life who continue to inspire me everyday.

To my homie- You are such an inspiration to me. You are a go getter in every sense of the word and such a good friend. You encourage me to be the same- your actions speak volumes and I can tell you are on the path to being a successful, independent career woman. I'm just tryin to keep up with you!

To my favorite biatch- You inspire me to be confident and strong no matter what. You are one strong and fierce lady who walks to her own beat and that is truly beautiful.

To my sister- You are such a great role model to me. You are determined, strong minded, and intelligent. You show me that if I want something I need to go out and get it and not sulk or count the odds against me. You have amazing style and I only hope that some of that style (and some of your shoes), will be passed down to me.

To my mom and grandma- You both have always been in my corner to support me. You constantly push me to strive for the best and accomplish what I want to accomplishment. Your advice and words of wisdom on life are priceless and I know that if I need anything you will always be there for me and support me through anything.

I love you all and am so glad and greatful that you are all in my life.

Peace and Love.

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