No drama needed

In the recent weeks and even days I have managed to let others around me effect me and my focus, thus detouring me and what I am trying to accomplish.

Teachers,classmates, and old acquaintances managed to get under my skin,
or disrespect me, rule me out, ignore me and treat me as if I am the inferior...
And I'll be honest, it worked at first.
Here I was, a woman trying to progress herself, graduate, improve ,evolve and move forward with my goals and life and I had managed to allow these people to get under my skin, or mess with my potential grades, or even make me feel as if I need them.

But what does that say about those people- the person who decides to ignore you, or the person who expects you to do everything, or the person who just doesn't care or always thinks you're wrong?

That, I don't have the answer to, and frankly- that's their business, my point is this-

I learned through all these people as a collective group a very good lesson:
There will always be people who will try to test you and see what you are made of.
They are the ones who will walk out of your lives when you need them the most or least expect it.
They are the ones who don't put your needs and feelings into how they treat you.
They are the ones who think you aren't capable.

However the true test isn't whether you crack under pressure, or react on instinct.

Its whether after all is said and done- were you able to recover with grace and peace of mind.

And if you can, that's something that no one could ever take away from you.

So to all those individuals who tested me over these past couple of days and weeks, thank you.

I was down, but I'm in no ways done or finished. I am very much at peace and have learned an important life lesson. When you feel defeated, the true test isn't what has happened to you, it is whether you choose to stay down, or you get up again.

With that said, here are two songs that will help boost your spirits and mind and get you back into the swing of things. Don't allow people to get the best of you focus on being the best YOU for YOURSELF.

Eden's Crush-No Drama

Mariah Carey-Make it Happen

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