What's your passion?

What's your passion?

Passion is quite an emotion. Shy of intensity and right after infatuation passion lies right in the middle. Unlike infatuation, passion is anything but short term. And intensity is strong desire. But passion, passion is different.

Lemme clarify- I'm not talking about passion in the physical sense I mean...at the end of the day, if you couldn't do that one thing that you wake up looking forward to do- what would you do?

For me, my passion is writing- letting out my emotions,struggles, and moments creatively.

If I couldn't write I don't know what I'd do!

So, I think, as the New Year progresses we need to take the time to enjoy our passions more-craft them,cater to them, care for them because our passions are what make us unique and most importantly-internally happy.

Peace and love.

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