A true inspiration

I know this post is kind of random but I just couldn't resist.

I just got finished watching the Janet Jackson Interview with Robin Roberts and I fell in love with Janet all over again!

I have been a Janet fan since I was ten and saw her Velvet Rope tour.

Ever since then I've been on the Janet train.

I got the chance to see her twice in concert live and she is truly an amazing performer.

The interview was classic and classy of course in true Janet fashion.

She looked AMAZING, and was very humble and honest throughout.

During the commercial breaks I was searching for my Janet jams in my music folder because the fever was starting to come back!

At one point she got into talking about her insecurities and that was so shocking for me because she is absolutely GORGEOUS and has the life that half the world dreams of having(including myself)!

The other tidbits about her brother, future projects, and timeline of how she got to where she is now were also good.

Cheers to Janet- a great role model for all women!

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