So you think you can....?

Doubt can be a bitch. It can come in at any moment and just take all your self esteem and confidence and mess it all up. It is the silent and most powerful killer of success. Worst of all, it creeps in and out of our everyday lives whenever it wants - and for us, it's usually at the worst possible time.

Now, I'm a young girl in this game called life and everyday I battle with myself. As time goes on and things change in this world, the amount of stress and things to think about in my life are constantly changing. It's a lot of pressure.

No, I did not come here to be given pity, I came here to pose a question- What do you do when doubt creeps up on you and makes you re-evaluate what you think as opposed to what is indeed fact?

Not following? O.k.- lemme break it down for you....

A couple of weeks ago while sitting in my Journalism class I had felt that THING. That "this is what I want to do for the rest of my life" feeling. Now granted, I have indeed had my fair share of inconsistencies when it has come to picking a major and while I love writing and English, I did find myself questioning whether this is EXACTLY what I wanted to do. And for that moment in class a few weeks ago, I started to consider maybe going into Journalism.

As I meditated on the idea of being a famous journalist, for the weeks to come I started to think about what I wanted to do specifically in the field of journalism. Fashion blogging? Interviewing celebrities? It sounded amazing. I was hooked. I had made up my mind.

However as the weeks progressed, self doubt began to creep up on me and I soon began questioning everything- Do I really have what it takes to do fashion? Am I fashionable? Do I have what it takes to even be a journalist? Do I have the qualities? Can I really do this?

Questions like these flooded my head for the days to follow bringing my confidence way down and made me really wonder if I had what it takes to do this, let alone be successful.

But why? Why do we allow this to even happen? We allow self doubt to creep up on us and get into our heads in the most intimate way and rip us apart (figuratively of course!).

And it was happening to me?!? So what do we do to get ourselves back up to where we should be and tell Doubt to get the hell out??

A little pep talk? Some everyday confidence boosters?

What's your secret of kickin self doubt to the curb and kickin ass in life?

I think this post is so important because we all at times get down on ourselves and doubt ourselves so any kinda tips you have post them here! We all can use them!!!

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