Gone but never forgotten

Today, is September 11th and the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It has been deemed a national day of service and remembrance by the President. A very sad, gloomy, and rainy day(at least here in NYC), the mood was very somber. I woke up early to watch all the coverage for a class I had to do homework on.
Although I wasn't personally effected by the attacks, over 3,000 people were(because 3,000 + were killed that early morning). I really felt for the family and friends and as they were reading the names of the people I actually had to cut off the TV.
I remember 9/11 somewhat faintly. I was 13 and in Spanish class when my Assistant Principal(also my best friend's mom), came in and made the news about the attacks.
I really didn't understand the severity and significance of what had occurred and I was rather naive to it all. All I remember is staying home for a couple of days out of school.
Of course after that a lot of things changed and still are changing because of those terrorist attacks and today is a day that I say R.I.P. to those who were lost, and I will be praying for all the families and friends effected by this tragic and sad lose.
Peace and Love.

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