All the Single Ladies!!!
Tonight I went to go and see the Beyonce concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC! I went with my cousin Kim. She came and got me around 5:30 and got there around 7. The show started around 8:30p.m. and we were out by 11 maybe 11 :30. Then Kim's dad drove me home.
I got this huge program where she wore all of her elaborate funky costumes.
The show as a whole was absolutely AMAZING. Jay-Z came out within the first 5 minutes to do a song with her which was unexpected and so awesome! Beyonce did a ton of songs, all of them had great choreography and direction and it was practically flawless. She sang and danced for two and a half hours looking fierce in 4 inch stilettos! The whole crowd was incredibly enthusiastic (true Beyonce fans).
I wasn't surprised to see the lack of men there(the few that were looked to have been dragged there by their girlfriends or wives). I was a little taken aback when I saw a lot of ladies in their 30s and 40s singing, dancing, and jumping up and down like it wasn't no body's business!
In retrospect I found that to be cool to know that she has empowered women of all ages from 12 to 42 and has a wide variety of fans all around.
In all the night was an amazing win and a once in a lifetime moment that left me in a lackadaisical state of mind
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